5 Most Impressive Cosplay Wallpapers That You Can’t Miss

Hey, guys, I would love to share some of the most impressive, amazing and unforgetable cosplay wallpapers that you may have never ever seen before.

As we all know, an impressive cosplay photos can’t exist without a good cosplayer, a skilled photoshop processing ability, a perfect background, and a master’s sense of art, right ?


1. Supergirl & Witcher Cosplay – Shocking visual experience

With the strong light and the mass of dust caused by the witchcraft, this Supergirl cosplay wallpaper can’t look better, right ?


2. Pokemon Picachu Cosplay – The Most Adorable Show

As the most adorable guy, Picachu is no doubt the most attractive role to cosplay as.

Just taking a look at these cutest little guys for a while will warm your heart from the cold weather or make you smile from tears.

3. Final Fantasy Noctis and Luna Cosplay – Incredibly looks like the game

You have to say that these two guys look so much like Noctis and Luna from the Final Fantasy 15, right ?


4. League of Legends Annie Cosplay – So cute and adorable !

Cute appearance, cute headwear, cute costume …

5. Love Live! Nico Yazawa Cosplay – Cute and Pretty

Pure face, cute wig, pink wear, and the most adorable posture…


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Okay, let’s talk about cosplay.

If you are a fan of 2B, then you must want to have a beautiful and sexy cosplay, just like this:

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If you are a fan of A2, then you must want to be like this:

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If you love 9S, then you must want to look like this:



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Have a nice NieR: Automata cosplay !