15% off for Zootopia Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde Cosplay Costumes only on the first 20 orders now !

Hi, Zootopia fans, so nice to see you here again ! Today, I would love to share a great news with you about Zootopia !

Zootopia can be said to be one of the best movies that I have ever seen. It’s a great movie based on the various animals to reflect the real lives of human beings. The animated movie is not only full of humor, but also a lot of positive attitudes and spirits that we should learn. I believe that’s why there are so many people who love to choose Zootopia characters to cosplay.

15% off for the first 20 orders now !

You may see a lot of Zootopia cosplay costumes on sale on the internet, but, sometimes, it’s really very hard to identify the quality and not so expensive ones, right ? The prices are marked so high that the sellers can still get a lot of profits even though they are on “big sale”.

If you want to get the cosplay costumes that can be custom made by great tailors, you can go to Vcosplay.com online store to have a look. All the costumes are free shipping and at good prices.

Just enter “vcos15” to get 15% off on Zootopia cosplay costumes when you check out. Hurry up ! Notice: only the first 20 orders !

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